Sophie Keats is an award-winning recording artist in Canada. I have been compared to Enya by MusicHour UK and have an angelic sound. Visit my youtube channel for more songs and get your free one above when you sign up for the newsletter

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Sophie recently won a Global Music Award for her beautiful vocals and cinematic arrangement of Danny Boy. 


What the music world is saying

Award winning recording artist Sophie Keats is widely known as the woman with a voice of a nightingale™  She sings with heartfelt lyrics that enlighten your day This is what people are saying about her music.

"Sophie has a magical and enchanting voice that possesses the ability to charm the listener to her own, unique, world." 
- Emmy award winning composer Sean Beeson

"Sophie's sounds remind me of Enya, Sophies songs take you on an enchanting journey leaving you wanting more- Music hour UK 

 UK Radio Host -DJ Russ Evans says that "Sophie's music is beautiful."


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