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Sophie Keats is widely known as the woman with a voice of a nightingaleShe is one of the outstanding new singing talents of the 21st Century and her angelic Mezzo Soprano voice and interviews can be heard on radio stations and media throughout Europe and the Americas.  Her timeless single "Let There Be Peace on Earth," has been well received as has her many other singles. While she has been compared to Enya and Kate Bush, Sophie Keats has her own musical style that encompasses Celtic to classical and pop in a unique relaxing sound.  Since winning a Global Music Award in 2016, Sophie has been working on a wide variety of singles and collaborating with international composers.

"Sophie has a magical and enchanting voice that possesses the ability to charm the listener to her own, unique, world." 
says the Emmy award winning composer Sean Beeson

"Sophie's singing is sublime. She sings with her spirit and her soul" says accomplished UK composer of Digitiphonies Mike L. Dunn




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