Sophie's Story

Award Winning Recording Artist Sophie Keats is widely known as the woman

with a voice of a nightingale

One of the outstanding new award winning singing talents her generation her pure voice can be heard on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.  Sophie sings with heartfelt lyrics that lighten your day and she receives positive acclaim. Sophie has been compared with the celestial voice of Enya in a review by Music Hour UK. As well as recording in studio. Sophie also sings live at special occasions.

Sophie grew up in a small village in England listening to the birds sing and reading plenty of fairy tales.She comes from a professional music family where going to see her family in the theatre in London  and in Operas was a regular occurence. This British born award winning Canadian singer is garnering international attention with her outstanding voice.

In 2016, Sophie's Summer Single-Let There Be Peace on Earth won a Global Music Award-the Music Industry's seal of approval. Her Spring 2018 single Danny Boy also won another Global Music Award this year on which she collaborated with the cinematic Emmy award winning composer Sean Beeson,

"Sophie has a magical and enchanting voice that possesses the ability to charm the listener to her own, unique, world," says Emmy award winning composer Mr. Sean Beeson.

Sophie participates in charity  events with her songs and is part of the lovely CD compilation for Educate The World. Sophie also sang in the historic 2014 Christmas advert for UK supermarket giant Waitrose, as well as Unicef's inspirational version of John Lennon's Imagine.

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Sophie Keats

Hope everyone is enjoying the festive holidays. Outside MusicHour HQ, its so cold, the team is sat drinking Hot Chocolate…with cream and Marshmallows of course!

With the setting being what it is, it feels so write to feature today, Sophie Keats. Sophie grew up in a small village in England listening to birds sing and reading of plenty of fairy tales. Sophie comes from a musical family and their concerts and productions influence her musical style.

Now based in Toronto, Canada, award winning Sophie Keats is widely known as the woman with a voice of a nightingale. One of the outstanding new singing talents of the 21st Century her pure soulful voice can be heard on radio throughout Europe and the Americas.

Since discovering Sophie via our twitter hour her songs have left a lasting impression, especially  Warm Winter Wishes.

Sophie’s sounds remind me of Enya – You all remember Sail Away…Right? Of course you do.  Sophie’s songs take you on an enchanting journey leaving you wanting more.After listening to Warm Winter Wishes, I was keen to hear what other little gems this talented lady has. I was not disappointed.

Take some time to check out Sophie’s music on her site here. Or via her SoundCloud page here. Follow her on twitter @SophieKeats1